Introducing Dmitry Itskov

Founder and chair, 2045 Initiative.
President, Global Future 2045 congress.

GF2045: On The Path to A New Evolutionary Strategy

Welcome to the Second International Global Future 2045 Congress, which we hold under the motto On The Path to A New Evolutionary Strategy.

During our congress we will devote particular attention to enabling the fullest possible dialogue between scientists, prominent figures from society and industry and representatives of the world’s major spiritual traditions in order to discuss the prospects of android robotics; brain-computer interfaces; cognitive neuroprostheses; engineering of the human brain; human consciousness and more. The congress will discuss key topics such as the transformation of humanity; intelligent evolution; the emergence of an immortal meta-intelligence at the planetary scale; and much more.

In fact, the scientific and social technologies that will be discussed can form the basis for the next and the first self-directed evolutionary step of mankind. Will this next evolutionary step create new problems for humanity? Probably, but if we do not take it, will we be able to overcome today’s existing crises?

I am certain that if we want to continue to develop and change civilization for the better, we should resolve this evolutionary dilemma and create a new evolutionary strategy taking us to a society based on the five principles of high spirituality, high culture, high ethics, high science and high technology.

Guided by scientific expertise, we need to ensure that the objectives and deadlines of the scientific projects of this new strategy are realistic. Via the media and in public forums, we must make the compelling case for the necessity and benefits of future societal transformations, and gain public support. We must lay the foundation for the openness and accessibility of future technologies, and make the idea of further self-directed evolution part of the new culture of society.

I believe that the new evolutionary strategy should be considered at the level of large public and transnational organizations and government leaders.

The Global Future 2045 congress is dedicated to these issues... and more.


Dmitry Itskov co-founded a successful Internet business in 1999 and then evolved it into a diversified online media company, New Media Stars.

In 2005, Dmitry decided to dedicate his time and effort to a major social project and in parallel, he began developing an interest in life-extension technologies.

In 2009, he met with scientists and spiritual leaders and formed the idea of founding a public science project devoted to furthering human evolution — a social movement and online social network focused on popularizing the idea and accelerating the realization of cybernetic immortality.

Dmitry commissioned a survey in 2010 of scientists and spiritual leaders on the topic of creating an artificial human body and transferring human consciousness to it. Assisted by leading Russian specialists in neural interfaces, artificial organs and cybernetic systems, he formulated his Avatar project, which later received the support of HH the Dalai Lama in March 2012.

In 2011, he launched the non-profit organization Russia 2045 and then expanded the organization to the international 2045 Initiative and organized the first international Global Future 2045 congress, held in February of 2012 in Moscow. Aiming to identify global threats and opportunities related to the development of new technologies, the Congress developed recommendations for realizing an optimal future with the Avatar science project as a key element.

To fully focus on realizing 2045 Initiative projects, he stepped down from his CEO position with New Media Stars in the spring of 2012. Dmitry received a degree in Corporate Management from the Plekhanov University of Economics in 2002.


Congress Organizer

Strategic Social Initiative
The mission of the 2045 intitative is the creation and realization of a new strategy forthe development of humnatity

2045: A New Era for Humanity