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This June, participants in the Global Future 2045 congress included scientists, philosophers, public figures, business leaders, representatives of different religions, and philanthropists. Their charge was to solve many of society's problems by mapping a new trajectory for civilization whereupon nationally focused ideologies bow to cosmic citizenry. They purpose to overcome biological limitations and, then, fashion a new civilization with high ethics, high culture, high spirituality, high technology and science.
Climate change? Water wars? Overpopulation? Rapidly depleting resources and a lack of initiative to find renewable/sustainable resources? I'm far more than familiar with all of these critical issues thanks to my pursuit of an Environmental Studies major. New to me, however, was discovering that quite a few people actually have a lot of viable ideas of how to address these complex and far-reaching issues. That realization occurred when I attended the Global Future 2045 International Congress (GF2045) on June 15 and 16 at NYC's Lincoln Center.
GEN’s John Sterling discusses his trip to the Global Future 2045 International Congress. Last week I attended The Global Future 2045 International Congress ( in New York. It was billed as a “congress [that] will discuss key topics such as the transformation of humanity, intelligent evolution, and the emergence of an immortal meta-intelligence at the planetary scale” and—this is what convinced me to go—“much more.” Really? What else could I possibly ask for?
LINCOLN CENTER, NEW YORK. Le temps d'un week-end, la ville qui ne dort jamais a rêvé de devenir immortelle. A Manhattan du 15 au 16 juin 2013, on pouvait assister à la conférence « Global Future 2045 : vers une nouvelle stratégie pour l'évolution humaine » (voir également le slideshow ci-dessous). Au sein du prestigieux Lincoln Center était réuni tout le gratin du transhumanisme anglophone. Comme orateurs, nous pouvions entendre, entre autres, Ray Kurzweil, Anders Sandberg, Peter Diamandis, Ben Goertzel et Natasha Vita-More. Dans la salle se trouvaient d'autres figures centrales de ce mouvement, telles que James Hughes, Max Moore, Gregory Dvorsky ou encore Aubrey de Grey.
Dmitry Itskov, a wealthy Russian Internet entrepreneur, hosted and sponsored last weekend's Global Future 2045, an event organized to highlight the state of present day science and its relentless exponential march toward 2045, the year of the Singularity, the year when computers are expected to surpass the human brain.
These are the conversations you have at the second annual Global Future 2045 International Congress, a lavish two-day event organized and self-funded by 32-year-old Russian Internet magnate Dmitry Itskov for the explicit purpose of promoting an “evolutionary strategy” of the human race – a strategy that, if its proponents are right, concludes with the lot of us uploading our consciousness into machines, to live for eternity.