FEBRUARY 14, 2013

An important goal of the international Global Future 2045 congress is creating a suitable environment for the creative synthesis of scientific theories and spiritual traditions and practices.


Major changes in society should not be based on high technologies alone, but also on spiritual values and insights developed by humanity over the course of millennia. Representatives of faiths and spiritual practices are the traditional keepers of such spiritual experience, and without their involvement, creating a comprehensive strategy for the evolution of humanity is impossible.


On the second day of GF2045, issues of brain modeling, the spiritual development of the human being, the evolution of individual consciousness and avatar technology will be discussed not only by scientists, but also by public figures and representatives of religions.


Participants of the Roundtable on Science & Spirituality will discuss the possibility of harmonious integration of new technologies and cultural, moral and spiritual development, and will give recommendations to the developers of a new evolutionary strategy for spiritual development in future conditions.


Participants to the Roundtable on Science & Spirituality will include:


Dr. Robert Thurman (Round Table Moderator) — Renowned American writer and public figure


Dr. Amit Goswami — Retired professor from the theoretical physics department of the University of Oregon in Eugene


Mahayogi Pilot Baba — World-renowned yoga master


Swami Vishnudevananda Giri Ji Maharaj — Russian yoga master, philosopher, futurologist


Phakyab Rinpoche — Acclaimed Tibetan Buddhist lama and healer


Lazar Puhalo — Retired Archbishop of Ottawa of the Orthodox Church in America


Dr. William Bushell — MIT-affiliated anthropologist, director of Research at Tibet House

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