MARCH 4, 2013


Two-Day Conference To Address A New Strategy for Human Evolution


A new trajectory for human evolution is emerging as advances in science and technology are providing the tools for us to craft our own future. Leaders in science and technology, educators, entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders are gathering in New York this summer to draw the roadmaps and organize the resources necessary to build a better future. We invite you to join with us in this revolutionary project at the Global Future 2045 congress ( Multidisciplinary discussions will provide an expansive, multi-focal overview of advances in neuroscience, anthropomorphic robotics and cybernetics that will develop blueprints of new evolutionary options and present a true paradigm shift in how we look at the future of humanity.


WHEN: June 15 - 16, 2013.

WHERE: Alice Tully Hall - Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY USA


TOPICS: Project Avatar, Android robotics, Anthropomorphic telepresence, Neuroscience, Mind theory, Neuroengineering, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuroprosthetics, Neurotransplantation, Future evolution strategy, Bionic prostheses, Cybernetic life-extension, Neo-humanity, Meta-intelligence, Cybernetic immortality, Spiritual development, Science and Spirituality.


WHO: Neuroscientists, developers of androids and anthropomorphic telepresence systems, entrepreneurs, thought leaders (intellectuals, philosophers, spiritual leaders), visionaries, innovators, futurists, political activists, transhumanists, educators, and more.




Ray Kurzweil — Director of Engineering, Google; futurist and inventor, co-founder, Singularity University, and author of How to Create a Mind and The Singularity is Near.


Dr. Marvin Minsky — A.I. pioneer, professor of Media Arts and Science, MIT Media Lab.


Dr. George Church — Harvard University PhD, molecular geneticist, pioneer in personal genomics and synthetic biology.


Dr. James Martin — British author and entrepreneur and the largest individual benefactor to the University of Oxford in its 900-year history.


Dr. Peter H. Diamandis — Founder and Chairman, X Prize Foundation, Co-founder, Singularity University, author of Abundance.


Dr. David Hanson — Robotics designer and researcher, creating androids: humanlike robots with intelligence and feelings.


Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro — Android Creator; Director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in Osaka, Japan.


Dr. Theodore Berger — USC Professor, brain prosthesis technology developer.


Dr. Ed Boyden — Optogeneticist, neuroscientist at MIT; associate member McGovern Institute for Brain Research.


Mahayogi ‘Pilot’ Baba — Self-realized Siddha Master. Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara Order of Hindu Monks.


Dr. Amit Goswami — Professor Emeritus from the Theoretical Physics Department of the University of Oregon.


Visit the GF2045 website for the full list of speakers and agenda details.


NOTE TO MEDIA: Credentialed members of the press wishing to cover the 2013 GF2045 Congress in New York must pre-register at For interviews, contact: For general information on the Congress, group ticket sales and sponsorship, contact:

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